its' me camp

It's Me Camp

This is the place no one judged nor denied, just be as yourself.

In 2017 this camp was started in hopes to help provide an inclusive environment that EMPOWERS the young generations of all backgrounds. We wanted to provide an environment where they can come together and embrace each other’s differences while simultaneously overcoming the language and cultural barriers between them. Our goals for the campers were for them to leave the camp having formed a creative, wider, and understanding perspective of the world they live in. To achieve this goal we aimed to create this unique environment that allows communication of wide ranges to take place. We hope for each and every one of the campers to leave feeling empowered with a positive outlook of their futures.

What makes Its Me Camp special?

  1. Diverse range of ethnicity, language, and backgrounds from both the campers and the staff

  2. No one main language (translators are provided if necessary)

  3. Holding back and giving up is NOT allowed

  4. Learning and having FUN happens simultaneously

  5. When you or others are going up against a challenge the utmost support is provided by EVERYONE

The basic activities 

1st day : Ice breaking game……Relax!
                Art Workshop……Discover yourself!
                Campfire…….Express yourself!

2nd day : Career Workshop……Look for your possibility!
                  BBQ…….Enjoy eating!


Voice of Participants

“I broke down a wall I had built within me”

The best part of this camp was how the diverse community was so respectful of each other. Though at first, I thought that I would only hang out with my Brazillian peers, at this camp everyone had unique ways of communication. This unique environment opened up the conversation to everyone and anyone.

It is hard to explain in words but by joining this camp I felt that I was able to change as a person. Stereotypes that I used to have against other cultures and countries were greatly broken down. Through interacting with people from countries that I have never met, like Philippines and Nepal, I was able to have a deeper understanding of them.

I also used to have a strong mindset of “I cannot do anything” but through this camp, I was able to forget about my shyness. I would have never thought that I could get on a stage in front of an audience and sing! But at this camp, that is exactly what I was able to do! I overcame my fear and gained confidence in myself. This experience from It’s Me Camp is an irreplaceable and unforgettable experience!

“The comfort that comes from being able to do anything with no judgment”

It’s Me Camp ​was an experience that went far past my expectations. By being in such a diverse environment, it created a space where we were able to share different ideas with each other. It helped me become more open-minded and to have a wider perspective on things. When I was

younger I was bullied at the Japanese schools, which caused me to become extremely shy. But at this camp, I felt that I was able to truly be myself.

“There is meaning to being alive”

I did not understand who I was. But coming to this camp I found that there is meaning to being alive. During the workshop on the first day, I was able to find answers to the questions that I always had. Through the workshop, I felt as though I could express my true self.

I learned a lot during this camp. I went into the camp thinking that I would be bored but through the numerous activities and meeting tons of new people, I realized that my expectations were far off. Through these two days I learned that even if my Japanese isn’t fluent, I am able to have meaningful communication. This realization truly gave me confidence.

Camp Sponsors

Volunteer Staff

Join us!

It’s ME camp needs almost the same number of staffs as the participants of teenagers. We manage some teams of planning programs, cooking, fundraising and others.

Especially these years, some participants turn to staffs after they graduated their high school. It makes this camp more reachable to the young people who have multicultural backgrounds.

Let’s enjoy and discover yourself with teenagers!!